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Stained glass window above the Bema


Our Rabbi

Rabbi Shoshana Feferman was born and raised in Israel and served in the Israeli army with the rank of sergeant major.  While in the army she met Robert Feferman, an American also serving in the Israeli army. They married and eventually settled in South Bend, Indiana, Bob's hometown.  Rabbi Feferman has been involved in Jewish education since coming to this country, both as a Hebrew teacher and as the vice-principal of the Temple BethEl Religious School in South Bend.  She was ordained a rabbi in June, 2005 at the Rabbinical Seminary International in New York City.    

Rabbi Feferman spends two weekends a month with our congregation.  In addition to officiating at our bimonthly Shabbat services and our special holiday services, Rabbi Feferman leads our Saturday morning Adult Torah Study program, oversees our weekly Sunday School program and teaches Hebrew to our students who are studying for their Bnei Mitzvah.