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Stained glass window above the Bema

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Our Sunday School begins in kindergarten and continues through the freshman year of high school.  Classes are held on Sunday morning and include Jewish Bible study, Hebrew study, religious services and training for the Bnai Mitzvah service.  Emphasis is placed on each student's participation in the Jewish community, including developing a bond with Israel, its people and the land.

In Sunday School, students also begin Hebrew language study in the intermediate classes.  Hebrew curriculum continues until the student is fully prepared for his/her Bnai Mitzvah.  Our Hebrew study also focuses on the ethical teachings of Judaism and the meaning and the order of the prayers in the religious service.

Formal religious training continues after the Bnei Mitzvah with a two-year Confirmation Class so that our teenagers continue to be involved in religious study and participate in communal activities throughout their teen years.  Some of our teenagers also work as teachers' aides in Sunday School and thus continue their commitment to Jewish study and heritage.