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Bnai Mitzvah

Our Sunday School curriculum, in addition to learning Jewish Bible and history, emphasizes Hebrew language study in order for our students to be able to read the prayers that constitute our religious services.  When a student reaches his or her 13th birthday, they are eligible for entry into the adult congregation. They are expected to lead Shabbat services and, in celebration of this event, they have their Bnai Mitzvah ceremony. For a girl, the religious ceremony is called a Bat Mitzvah; for a boy, it is called a Bar Mitzvah.   

Several Bnai Mitzvahs are held during the year to celebrate the religious coming-of-age of our Sunday School students.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah student conducts Friday evening and Saturday morning Shabbat services assisted by Rabbi Feferman.  All members of the congregation are cordially invited to participate in the Bnai Mitzvah festivities.