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Other Holiday Celebrations

All holidays are celebrated as integral parts of the Friday evening Shabbat service and in Sunday School.

Congregants take part in reading the last verses of Deuteronomy from the Torah Scroll, which is then rewound to the first verse of Genesis, "In the beginning God created heaven and earth."  Thus the yearly reading of the first five books of the Torah begins once again. 

The harvest festival of Succot is celebrated by Sunday School students building a sukkah on the Temple grounds and the presentation of a special Sunday School program complete with eating a meal in the sukkah. 

The winter "Festival of Lights" is celebrated with a congregational Shabbat Eve dinner and traditional lighting of the Hannukah candles in the Menorah.  Traditional "latkes" are prepared and served by members of the congregation.  The Temple's "Maccabee Fight Song" can be found on Youtube.

On the Shabbat Eve closest to the festival of Purim, the congregation is encouraged to dress in costume and joyously read the Megillah about Queen Esther saving her people from certain destruction. 

In the spring, a model Seder is held at Sunday School to familiarize the students with the meaning and symbols of the Seder meal and of the traditions of the Passover holiday.  A traditional congregational Seder is held on Passover in the temple community room.